U.S.-Japan Relations Lecture

2014/06/21 ニュース

On June 20th, our office attended a lecture series entitled, “U.S.-Japan Relations: The Implications for the Pacific Northwest Economy and Trade.” The guest speaker at the event was Marc Knapper, the Director of Japanese Affairs in the U.S. Department of State. There was also a panel discussion with representatives from companies such as Delta Airlines and Costco as well as representatives from the Washington State government and the Bellevue Municipal government. At the event location, we were also able to have a Kobe Information Booth.

6月20日(金)ベルビュー市庁舎で行われた、ワシントン州日米協会主催のシンポジウムThe Implications for the Pacific Northwest Economy & Tradeに出席。会場内では神戸ブースも出展しました。シンポジウムでは米国国務省日本担当部長のマーク・ナッパー氏による基調講演や、ワシントン州政府、デルタ航空、コストコ、ベルビュー市からのスピーカーによるパネルディスカッションが行われました。