Visit Kobe

Kobe was designated a UNESCO City of Design in 2008 and remains part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This award only formalizes what visitors to Kobe already know: Kobe is a unique city with lots to see and do.

From the Kitano area of former foreign residences to the nearby Arima Hot Springs to the Fashion Museum on Port Island, there is something for everyone in Kobe. There are also a variety of restaurants and cuisines from all over the world; Kobe is famous for their Nankinmachi Chinatown, their beef and western inspired sweets.

Kitano AreaKitano Area
Mt. RokkoMt. Rokko
Port IslandPort Island
Arima Hot SpringsArima Hot Springs

For more information you should check out the official tourism website, Feel KOBE. The website is a great resource (in English!), with pictures, maps and even coupons for foreigners.