Kobe Association of Corporate Executives visit Seattle

2016/10/03 News


19 members of the Kobe Association of Corporate Executives toured Seattle during the last week of September.

First, the members met with Seattle Japanese Business Association President Mr. Katsurada and Seattle Japanese Consul Mr. Konishi in order to discuss the aeronautics and space industries in Seattle.



In order to get a closer look at these industries, we then visited the Everett Community College Advanced Manufacturing Training & Education Center. There we were able to see the facilities and equipment many students use to learn before they go to start their careers at Boeing. The teaching facilities were very impressive, and the equipment and materials being used were the same as what would be used at Boeing.

Afterwards, we were able to visit and tour the Boeing Everett factory facilities, and see cutting edge technology being used to construct the Boeing 747~787 planes.









この日は、航空宇宙産業の視察として、シアトル商工会会長の桂田さん、小西さんを招いて意見交換会をした後、昨年8月に神戸市とMOU (覚書)を締結したエバレットコミュニティカレッジを訪問し、多くのボーイングへ人材を輩出している同校の教育設備や授業で使う素材などを視察しました。ボーイング社で使うものと同じ機械や原料が印象的。その後、ボーイングエバレット工場内を徒歩で視察し、747から787まで最先端のテクノロジーを使って組み立てている様子を視察しました。