Upcoming Kobe Business Seminar to be held in Seattle

2017/06/26 News

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Kobe Trade Information Office will be hosting a Kobe Business Seminar in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Kobe – Seattle sister city relationship.

Date/Time:         July 27th, 2017    15:00 – 17:30

Location:              Bell Harbor International Conference Center

                              Sound Conference Room

Cost:                      Free

Speech Agenda:

1.       Investment Climate in Kobe

Toshiro Tamada, Vice Mayor of Kobe

2.       Perspective from Biomedical Industry: Expansion and Business Development in Kobe

Kevin Yamaga-Karns, Assistant General Counsel, Eli Lilly and Company

3.       Asia’s first 500 startups acceleration program in Kobe

Galia Mor, Strategic Alliances, 500 Startups

For more information, or to register attendance, please follow the link below.




日時 727日(木)1500-1730

場所 Bell Harbor International Conference Center

Sound Conference Room

入場料 無料(駐車場バリデーションあり)


1 神戸の投資環境 神戸市副市長 玉田敏郎

2 バイオメディカル事業の神戸での展開 Eli Lilly and Company Kevin Yamaga-Karns

3 神戸におけるアジア初のIT startup事業 500 Startups Galia Mor



KTIO attends SXSW 2017

2017/04/11 News







We at the Kobe Trade Information Office attended the 2017 South by Southwest event, a multimedia conference held annually in Austin, TX. Our goal was to promote 078 Kobe, a similar annual multimedia event beginning this year in Kobe, Japan. We were joined at our booth on the trade show floor by Kobe Digital Lab and Faith Creates, two development companies located in Kobe. Attendees were able to learn more about their application as well as learn about the 078 Kobe event and the city of Kobe.

テキサス州のオースティン市で開催されるマルチメディアイベント「サウス・バイ・サウスウェスト」(SXSW)に神戸市も参加!神戸で今年初めて行われるマルチメディアイベント、「078 Kobe」のイベントプロモーションを行うため、SXSWのトレード・ショーで出展。神戸発のIT企業「神戸デジタルラボ」と「フェイス・クリエイツ」も展示に参加。SXSWの技術や音楽イベントを楽しむ来場者に078 Kobe イベントを紹介し、神戸市のことをくわしくしっていただけた。

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Seattle-Kobe Sister City 60th anniversary celebrations begin at Consul General’s Official Residence

2017/02/27 News

The Seattle-Kobe Sister City 60th anniversary celebrations kick-off reception was held at the Consul General’s Official Residence in Seattle.

On February 24th, Consul General Omura began with a few words of welcome, followed by greetings from Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. Our own Director Sometani read a message from the Kobe Mayor, and introduced a promotional DVD of Kobe. Seattle Kobe Sister City Association President Benjamin Erickson presented information on the history of the Sister City relationship, as well as plans in progress for this year. Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell began the festivities with a toast, and the 50 or so participants were able to discuss further the plans for this year, as well as the past accomplishments of the Sister City relationship.










224日、在シアトル日本総領事館主催で大村総領事の歓迎の言葉の後、シアトル市マレー市長がご挨拶。当オフィス染谷代表が神戸市長からのメッセージを代読し、神戸市のプロモーションDVDを提供をしました。ベンジャミン エリクソン シアトル神戸姉妹都市協会会長が、これまでの姉妹都市交流の実績と今年度の行事予定を発表。ブルースハレルシアトル市議会議長の乾杯の音頭で、50名あまりの参加者それぞれが、今年の事業への意気込みや、過去の姉妹都市交流の思い出話などで盛り上がりました。




Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake remembrance ceremony held at Kobe Bell site

2017/01/17 News







On Monday, January 16th, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Remembrance Ceremony was held by the Seattle Kobe Sister City Association at the Kobe Bell site in Seattle Center. Following greetings by Consul General Omura and Deputy Mayor Kim, the KTIO director spoke regarding his experiences with the earthquake, as well as the necessity of preparedness and the importance of community collaboration for similar disasters. At 12:46 PM, the time that the earthquake first hit many years ago, SKSCA president Benjamin Erikson rang the Kobe Bell and led all present in a moment of silence. At the same time, ceremonies were taking place in Kobe, Japan to remember and honor those who were taken by the disaster.







As the Kobe Bell roof had been repaired recently, (due to the efforts of Seattle Center, Mr. and Mrs. Sasaki, and the SKSCA) the blessing for the new Kobe Bell roof was held at the same time.










神戸姉妹都市協会(SKSCA)によって開催されました。大村総領事、Kimシアトル副市長のご挨拶の後、KTIO Directorが自らの震災の経験の話と自然災害に対する備えの必要性と災害時の地域協働の重要性について話をしました。その後、午後0時46分姉妹都市協会会長ベンジャミンエリクソン氏の鐘に合わせ、全員で黙とうをしました。


Kobe Vice Chairman Bo and Director Sometani visit New York

2016/11/18 News


In visiting New York, Vice Mayor Tamada, Vice Chairman Bo, Director General Nagata of the Mayor’s Office, and KTIO Director Sometani visited Mr. Toyotaro Suzumura at the IBM Watson research office. There, they were informed of the details of the 4th consecutive top placement in the graph500 rankings, and were able to discuss advances in open data and AI.


Following this visit, the group met with Chairman Fujisaki of the Kobe International Club and Chairman Onishi of the NY Hyogo Kenjinkai in order to discuss ways to make the city of Kobe more attractive to tourists. The brainstorming resulted in many unique ideas for the future.

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