Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake remembrance ceremony held at Kobe Bell site

2017/01/17 News







On Monday, January 16th, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Remembrance Ceremony was held by the Seattle Kobe Sister City Association at the Kobe Bell site in Seattle Center. Following greetings by Consul General Omura and Deputy Mayor Kim, the KTIO director spoke regarding his experiences with the earthquake, as well as the necessity of preparedness and the importance of community collaboration for similar disasters. At 12:46 PM, the time that the earthquake first hit many years ago, SKSCA president Benjamin Erikson rang the Kobe Bell and led all present in a moment of silence. At the same time, ceremonies were taking place in Kobe, Japan to remember and honor those who were taken by the disaster.







As the Kobe Bell roof had been repaired recently, (due to the efforts of Seattle Center, Mr. and Mrs. Sasaki, and the SKSCA) the blessing for the new Kobe Bell roof was held at the same time.










神戸姉妹都市協会(SKSCA)によって開催されました。大村総領事、Kimシアトル副市長のご挨拶の後、KTIO Directorが自らの震災の経験の話と自然災害に対する備えの必要性と災害時の地域協働の重要性について話をしました。その後、午後0時46分姉妹都市協会会長ベンジャミンエリクソン氏の鐘に合わせ、全員で黙とうをしました。