The KTIO Amazon Go experience

2018/01/22 News


As of today (January 22, AMZ01 2018), Amazon Go is open to the public!

The store has been in a beta open since December 5, 2016 and available only to Amazon employees. The original public open date was set for Spring of 2017, however issues with sensors and tracking all of the customers had to be overcome first, pushing the open date back to today.









At first glance the entrance gates inside the store look like those you find at the train stations in Japan. Scanning an Amazon Go smartphone application as we pass through these gates allowed us to enter the approximately 1800 square foot store space, where around 30 people were already shopping.

Taking any of the products off the shelf adds it to our shopping cart. We try putting it in our bag, then returning it to the shelf. After a few more tests, we are satisfied.

To leave, we just pass through the gates again and our transaction is complete – no scanning this time.

When we checked the application a few minutes later, we found a receipt with exactly the items we left the store with.

It was my first time with the “no lines, no checkout” experience. If this technology becomes widespread and allows for unmanned stores, it could give a huge boost to convenience stores in Japan currently troubled by a lack of young workers.

It would also be possible to deliver targeted ads and prices directly to the shopper, allowing for more sales. I look forward to seeing the effect this has on the economy.














本日(1月22日)より、ついにAmazon Goが一般向けにオープン!






「No lines, No checkout」(行列なし、レジ精算不要)の初体験であったが、今後このテクノロジーが普及することで、無人店舗運営が可能となるため、日本のコンビニなどでの若手の働き手の不足に大きな突破口になりうる。