KTIO attends 2016 Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit

2016/04/20 News

2016-04-14 13.21.16Kobe Trade Information Office was able to observe the 2016 Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit (A&DSS) for 2016, held at the Seattle Convention Center on April 14th and 15th. There were approximately 450 companies in attendance this year, from countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Canada, and Japan, to name a few. The event is geared towards B to B meetings between various suppliers, and we were able to talk to several companies that attended.
In addition to meeting some of the suppliers, we were also able to attend some very interesting workshops with various presenters that are involved in the field, such as law firms, consultants, and government officials.

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Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit(A&DSS)参加
B to Bに特化した航空宇宙防衛企業向けのコンベンションA&DSSに参加しました。展示の要素はなく、各ブースで非常に静かな雰囲気の中で粛々と商談を進めています。事前に参加者の提出したプロフィールを調べ、商談の時間を決めます。商談時間は各25分間。当オフィスは、視察を目的とした行政関係機関として、入場を認めていただきましたが、先方からアポイントを4件いただきお話を伺うこともできました。

期間: 2016年4月14日(木)、15日(金)
場所: シアトル コンベンションセンター 4階