Upcoming Kobe Business Seminar to be held in Seattle

2017/06/26 News

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Kobe Trade Information Office will be hosting a Kobe Business Seminar in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Kobe – Seattle sister city relationship.

Date/Time:         July 27th, 2017    15:00 – 17:30

Location:              Bell Harbor International Conference Center

                              Sound Conference Room

Cost:                      Free

Speech Agenda:

1.       Investment Climate in Kobe

Toshiro Tamada, Vice Mayor of Kobe

2.       Perspective from Biomedical Industry: Expansion and Business Development in Kobe

Kevin Yamaga-Karns, Assistant General Counsel, Eli Lilly and Company

3.       Asia’s first 500 startups acceleration program in Kobe

Galia Mor, Strategic Alliances, 500 Startups

For more information, or to register attendance, please follow the link below.




日時 727日(木)1500-1730

場所 Bell Harbor International Conference Center

Sound Conference Room

入場料 無料(駐車場バリデーションあり)


1 神戸の投資環境 神戸市副市長 玉田敏郎

2 バイオメディカル事業の神戸での展開 Eli Lilly and Company Kevin Yamaga-Karns

3 神戸におけるアジア初のIT startup事業 500 Startups Galia Mor