The middle school exchange students here in Seattle from Kobe シアトル・神戸双方の姉妹都市協会が主催する中学生交流

2014/04/01 News, Sister City Related

The middle school exchange students here in Seattle from Kobe went back to Japan on Sunday. This was the start of a new exchange between Seattle and Kobe, and we hope to see it continue! A big thank you to everyone involved! The students had a great time in Seattle and were a little sad to leave, but they will have this great experience to draw on in the future.


Meeting Seattle Mayor Murray

2014/03/28 News

Earlier this month, at the Tohoku Earthquake Relief Event (ACT for Japan), our KTIO Director met Seattle Mayor Murray for the first time. During the mayor’s speech at the event, he acknowledged the special relationship between Seattle and Japan and Kobe. He also said he hoped to visit Kobe in the future.


New Middle School Exchange Program!

2014/03/21 News

The Sister City Associations based in both Kobe and Seattle started a new middle school exchange program this year. Today, eight students from Japan arrived in Seattle and will stay until March 30th. They’ll get to do a homestay with a local family and visit local middle schools. I know all the students will make the most out of their stay here!