U.S.-Japan Relations Lecture

2014/06/21 News

On June 20th, our office attended a lecture series entitled, “U.S.-Japan Relations: The Implications for the Pacific Northwest Economy and Trade.” The guest speaker at the event was Marc Knapper, the Director of Japanese Affairs in the U.S. Department of State. There was also a panel discussion with representatives from companies such as Delta Airlines and Costco as well as representatives from the Washington State government and the Bellevue Municipal government. At the event location, we were also able to have a Kobe Information Booth.

6月20日(金)ベルビュー市庁舎で行われた、ワシントン州日米協会主催のシンポジウムThe Implications for the Pacific Northwest Economy & Tradeに出席。会場内では神戸ブースも出展しました。シンポジウムでは米国国務省日本担当部長のマーク・ナッパー氏による基調講演や、ワシントン州政府、デルタ航空、コストコ、ベルビュー市からのスピーカーによるパネルディスカッションが行われました。


The 15th Annual Kobe Shinkaichi Jazz Vocal Queen Contest 第15回神戸新開地ジャズヴォーカルクイーンコンテスト

2014/05/28 News

On May 10th, the 15th Annual Kobe Shinkaichi Jazz Vocal Queen Contest took place in Kobe. Out of the 134 entrants, Ms. Rie Takahashi was the winner and she will sing at Seattle’s Jazz Alley on September 15th. In addition to the contest, the Seattle Jazz Queen winners—Jennifer Kienzle and Laura Rosok—also gave guest performances. We hope to see you at Jazz Alley in September!

5月10日、神戸で「第15回神戸新開地ジャズヴォーカルクイーンコンテスト」が開催され、134組の応募者の中から予選を勝ち抜いた10組のシンガーたちが技を競いました。シアトルジャズクイーンのJennifer KienzleさんとLaura Rosokさんもゲスト出演しました。今年は神戸出身の高橋リエさんが見事グランプリを受賞。彼女は9月15日にジャズアレーに出演します。皆さんお楽しみに!

The 39th Annual Cherry Blossom and Japanese Culture Festival 第39回シアトル桜祭」に今年も神戸観光PRブース出展

2014/04/29 News

The 39th Annual Cherry Blossom and Japanese Culture Festival was held April 25-27 at the Seattle Center. KTIO had a booth again this year to help promote tourism. In addition to a maze of different booths, there was also a musical about the first Japanese sailors who landed in the US (and it was by accident!). The musical helped make this year’s festival a huge success!
We wish to give a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the Kobe booth, as well as a huge pat on the back to all of this year’s hard-working volunteers!


The middle school exchange students here in Seattle from Kobe シアトル・神戸双方の姉妹都市協会が主催する中学生交流

2014/04/01 News, Sister City Related

The middle school exchange students here in Seattle from Kobe went back to Japan on Sunday. This was the start of a new exchange between Seattle and Kobe, and we hope to see it continue! A big thank you to everyone involved! The students had a great time in Seattle and were a little sad to leave, but they will have this great experience to draw on in the future.


Meeting Seattle Mayor Murray

2014/03/28 News

Earlier this month, at the Tohoku Earthquake Relief Event (ACT for Japan), our KTIO Director met Seattle Mayor Murray for the first time. During the mayor’s speech at the event, he acknowledged the special relationship between Seattle and Japan and Kobe. He also said he hoped to visit Kobe in the future.