Japanese Tea Ceremony in Seattle

2014/10/30 News

From October 8th to 14th, a delegation of 22 tea ceremony practitioners from Hyogo Prefecture in Japan came to Washington State to demonstrate the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and to share Japanese culture. On October 11th they held a special Tea Ceremony event at Nikkei Concerns where more than 50 people participated.



Kobe High School Students Return to Japan

2014/10/02 News

Yesterday marked the end of the six-day visit by the ten high school students from Kobe and they returned to Japan. They will hold dear their memories of their time here with the students, homestay families, and Seafair Ambassadors. However, the Kobe students are very much looking forward to the students from Seattle coming to stay in Japan next month!


High School Students from Kobe in Seattle!

2014/09/26 Events, News

Every year, as part of the Kobe-Seattle Sister City exchanges, a group of high school students come from Kobe to stay in Seattle and experience life in the local schools. A group of ten students arrived today and were greeted by the Seafair Ambassador students! This time, the students from Kobe will stay for six days and their visit will include courtesy calls to local schools and even to the Seattle Mayor’s office. We wish the Kobe student the best of luck for their stay!


Kobe Jazz Queen coming to Jazz Alley / 神戸ジャズクィーンがシアトル公演

2014/08/22 News

The winner of the Kobe Jazz Vocal Queen Contest, Rie Takahashi, is coming to Seattle! She will perform on September 15th at Jazz Alley. The event on September 15th will also introduce the winners of the Jazz Vocalist Audition contest: Jennifer Kienzle (Adult Division) and Laura Rosok (High School Division). Come join us and make your reservations at the following link:


今年5月神戸で開催された「第15回神戸ジャズボーカルクィーンコンテスト」の優勝者、高橋リエさんが9月15日(月)ジャズ・アレーでライブを行います。当日は、2月に行われた「第10回シアトル-神戸女性ジャズボーカリストオーディション」優勝者のジェニファー・キエンツレさんとローラ・ロソックさんも登場します。皆さん是非お越しください!席の予約はJazz Alleyのウェブサイトで。


Seattle Reign JAPAN NIGHT シアトル・レイン ジャパンナイト開催

2014/08/09 News

On Saturday August 9th, KTIO and Japan-related organization gathered at the Seattle Reign soccer field. More than 200 people showed up for Nahomi Kawasumi and became a big cheering party. The final score was 1-1, a tie match, however, whole stadium got excited about the last 2 minutes of game. We were able to hand the heartfelt gifts to Naho, take pictures and shake hands. It was a blast and all attendees enjoyed the special evening.

Let’s get together for Naho again! Let’s lead her to the Victory!! Let’s go back to the Memorial Stadium for Seattle Reign play off semifinal on Sunday the 24th!!!

8月9日土曜日、当事務所を含む日系団体が「Seattle Reign JAPAN NIGHT」を開催。200名以上の方々が参加してくださり、みんなで川澄選手にエールを送りました。試合は残念ながら引き分けに終わりましたが、試合後に川澄選手に花束やメッセージを贈呈、みんなで写真撮影や握手をしてもらうことができました。子供たちもとっても喜んでいました。

川澄選手、プレーオフも頑張ってぜひ優勝してくださいね!シアトルの皆さんは8月24日のプレーオフ準決勝(Memorial Stadium)に行ってみんなで応援しましょう!

川澄選手ブログ http://nahomi-kawasumi.net/2014/08/nwsl23.html
プレーオフチケット https://www.reignfc.com/

Seattle Reign JAPAN NIGHT

Seattle Reign JAPAN NIGHT